Sonali Malik’s Guide to Top Ten Foods for Weight Loss

Top Foods for Weight Loss

Sonali Malik’s Guide to Top Ten Foods for Weight Loss

 “Abs are made in kitchen”

Talking with the context of the above mentioned phrase, it is always true that when it comes to weight loss we could not totally depend on exercise instead follow 80% diet and 20% exercise ratio to lose weight. But most of the time it seems to be a punishment for us if we stick on to the same diet plan, which is really boring and severe. Still there are different varieties of food to help you lose extra pounds.

So let’s talk about some of the top ten foods for weight loss.

1. Boiled Potatoes

White potatoes have several properties which make them a perfect food for weight loss, as it contains various ranges of nutrients and high potassium content that helps in controlling blood pressure.

What you need to do is to allow boiled potatoes to cool down, and let them form great amounts of resistant starch. It is a fiber like substance, which gives you benefits in terms of weight loss as well as other health benefits like reducing your appetite, and having a potential to suppress your food intake subsequently in a day.

2.Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soups are one of the most effective parts of weight loss diet plans as they are high water content which makes them very filling for the whole body.

The meals with a low spirit density tend to make people consume fewer calories. Most of the fruits and vegetables contain lots of water but while making soups you need to add much water for making it low spirit density food.

You can use carrots, broccoli, spinach, mushroom and Cauliflower to prepare soup as these are best low-calorie vegetables, which contain minerals and vitamins that help to lose weight easily.

3. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is an amazing source of various minerals, protein and dietary fiber, and counted among the foods with limited calories. Many of us think that peanut butter helps in gaining weight as it is high in calories. But it is also very helpful to lose weight, how? Let me tell you certain facts about peanut butter, while consuming peanut butter you need to remember certain things like:

  • Choose natural, organic peanut butter brands, avoid making a purchase of peanut butter brands containing sugar, salt and preservatives.
  • Consult your dietician about how much quantity you need to consume, if you are applying it on breads always try to use multigrain or wheat breads.

This is how peanut butter can help you lose weight easily.

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4. Beans, Chickpeas and Peas

As beans, chickpeas and peas collectively known as pulses, having the ability to lose weight with their protein and fiber content, if you take them regularly they will help you in weight loss and reduction in cholesterol.

Overall pulses help people to feel fuller, sooner, and the fiber these foods contain, may help to reduce fat which results in weight loss. Pulses are proven to be more effective than other forms of proteins like animal protein and whey protein in terms of energy and health benefits.

5. Avocados

Avocados are fruits rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, provide fiber and many other nutrients. They may help to boost metabolism and exercise endurance.

A study by Nutrition Journal shows people who eat avocados tend to have lower BMI, body weight and waist circumference than the people who don’t. Avocados are higher in calories than other fruits and vegetables. The fat and fiber in avocado can help you to slim down and it can lower down the risk for metabolic syndrome.

If you are really motivated to lose belly fat then avocado is a very good option to go with. Losing weight requires least calorie intake and avocado is a fruit that contains least calorie with it. And also it is considered a significant source of soluble fiber, by suppressing the appetite it will help to reduce visceral fat.

6. Whole Eggs

For losing weight you need to follow a low carb diet, and their whole egg is a preferable option over egg white. Whole eggs are known for being low in calories with the presence of dietary fats. Due to this it will help in slowing down fast absorption of protein which makes you keep full for a longer time. It also contains amino acids, which helps in bodybuilding. Taking maximum 2 whole eggs daily would help lose weight easily.

7. Yogurt

Yogurt is good for losing belly fat as it is low in calories, you can add raspberry to it for making it flavoured, which are very easy to digest. It contains amino acids, which help in burning fat, so you lose weight so fast. For better results you can include in your diet and consume it daily.

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8. Popcorn

If you are looking for an alternative to potato chips and other butter cookies then popcorn is a right option to you as it is low in calories, it is actually fat-free and sugar-free, so you can eat it without having any guilt. This makes popcorn a healthy and good food option to lose weight.

9. Almonds

Almonds contain healthy fats and protein which helps in reducing body mass index and developing lean muscle mask, making you lose belly fat.

According to the book Healing Foods, “Almonds are a good source of zinc, magnesium and potassium and are super rich in antioxidants and vitamin E that support the brain, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. They also help in keeping your skin healthy.”

You can take some pieces of soaked almond daily in the morning, it will help you in boosting metabolism for giving proper shape to your body. And you should avoid drinking water after consuming almonds due to its oil content. It may result in irritation and coughing after deposition of fat in the gullet.

10. Chia Seeds

Why do chia seeds act like dynamite food for weight loss? Here are the reasons:

  • If you just serve a tablespoon of chia seeds, which contain 5 grams of fiber that can help you to feel full and stop you from over consuming. Just take only two tablespoon of Chia Seeds daily for losing weight.
  • It is found that chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants that help protect the delicate fats in the seeds.
  • If we compare the quality of protein contained by plant foods and chia seeds, we will get that chia seeds contain much higher quality protein than plant foods. And we already discussed the benefits of consuming protein.

These all benefits of chia seeds prove that they are very effective, if we aim to lose weight.

If you include such food in your diet along with exercise, you will definitely get the result in the form of weight loss. Overall you will live a healthy lifestyle as you are giving everything needed to your body.

Good Luck for your weight loss journey. For personalized advice about your meal plans write to,

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