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Pre-wedding Diet Plan with the Health Tips

Ah, the day of the glow and glam! As the wedding bells start ringing, wedding blues can add some stress. So, to become your best form on your most important evening, you’ve got to put...

How to Lose Weight in One Month, Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight in one Month? Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Losing weight can seem daunting, especially if you have a pretty busy lifestyle. While most people insist on joining a gym, they often fail to acknowledge the importance of a healthy diet. Indian cuisine has been...

Indian Keto Diet Plan for Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians to Reboot Body

Most people have been looking forward to enhancing their metabolism and losing weight following a keto diet for a while. It involves reduction in consuming carbohydrates and increased consumption of healthy fats. Your body will use...

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