Weight Management Plan

“Cutting on the calories doesn’t help, Being mindful about it does. Seven meals planned per day will…”

Do you think you need to lose weight?

Have you been thinking about trying a weight-loss program?

Do you have any condition that can be improved if you lose weight?

If you have said ‘‘yes’’ to any of the above questions then you have landed to the right place. And let me tell you, you are not alone. I receive hundreds of messages on a daily basis of people asking me anything and everything about weight loss and weight management. The surprising factor is half of those people are overweight because of their lifestyle choice and lack of proper diet. Overweight and obesity are growing concerns among all age groups today because we are living a fast and hectic life and we aren’t rectifying or addressing its side effects. That’s right excess bodyweight brings with it excess health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, low energy. Our weight management programme and service focuses on the prevention and management of overweight and obesity so you can improve your health and reduce your health risks. I have designed this programme to help you reshape your lifestyle, address the current issue, adopt healthy habits, be mindful about eating, and most definitely break unhealthy habits. The goal is to not force one to cut on calories but put the right nutrients in his or her eating plan. The focus is in making simple, pleasurable changes that will have lasting impact. The motivation is to address your today so you maintain a healthy life tomorrow.

The aim of Sonali Malik’s weight management programme is to:

  • Help overweight and obese individuals lose weight.
  • Plan a diet for you that you can stick to for life.
  • Provide a diet based on your lifestyle.
  • Help you prevent weight regain.
  • Help you meet health goals with mindful eating habits.
  • Most importantly, providing a tailored programme, taking into consideration individual’s needs and health history.
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