Fat Loss Plans

Is it just like keto?

Do we have to diet rigorously?

Is weight loss achievable?

Does it just focus on diet?

Can you help me with my energy levels so that I workout more?

With each passing birthday, it feels like you are gaining the tendency of weight gain and losing the capacity of getting rid of those extra kilos. Well, it’s not abnormal. That’s how the body works. As you age your muscle mass changes; your muscle mass gets replaced by fat. Even if you work out frequently, you will still deal with this problem. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, this change causes your metabolism to slow down.

Another reason can be changing hormones while stepping into your 30s or 40s which also leads to weight gain. And weight gain may get in the way of living a healthy life. So for all those trying to be in shape without starving yourself, my weight loss plan will certainly help.

We also chalk out a diet, depending on the individual’s needs that can further customization and observation for weight loss. We aim to help people stay healthy through natural treatment and a proper diet. And so far we’ve changed many lives. To help us bring about a positive change in you, book a call now and we’ll guide you ahead.

The aim of Sonali Malik’s Fat Loss Plan is to:

  • Help you manage your weight
  • Reduce the risk of experiencing issues associated with weight such as diabetes, metabolic disorder and heart disease.
  • Help you to make a switch from ‘mindless eating’ to ‘mindful eating’ habits
  • Help you adopt to a healthy lifestyle – the root of staying fit
  • Offer you a tailored programme, taking into consideration individual’s needs, health condition and health history
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