Top Foods for Weight Loss Do you often feel like you’ve lost control over your body?

Feel like your body is playing “hormonal” games with you?

Irregular Periods? Excessive Hair Growth or Thinning?

Weight Gain or Difficulty in losing weight?

Excessive oily skin or acne?

Do you think that nothing can make your condition better? Then think again! The answer to dealing with PCOS lies in eating well. Yes, good nutrients and disciplined diet can help you take back control.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), the hormonal and metabolic disorder affects millions of women worldwide and they undergo medications to alleviate symptoms. Common treatments are a way to take care of this disorder, although a good and healthy diet can go a long way to help you take care of your body and reduce the effect of this disorder.

Primarily there are two ways how a proper diet affects PCOS. Firstly, a proper diet helps in weight management – one the most common symptoms of PCOS. Secondly a healthy diet promotes good insulin levels and can help women with PCOS combat the symptoms.
Now the bigger question here is: what should a proper diet consist of? Well, there are few widespread practices available that can give an overview which foods are beneficial and help people manage their condition.

But I have designed my program that will help women with PCOS make positive, long-term changes to their eating, lifestyle and health. My program takes the “right diet, right nutrition” approach to manage PCOS and its symptoms. A program that doesn’t hinder your path with restrictions but guides you to take the right route. It’s about correcting your portions and not cutting your meals. It’s about building a Plate that better manages PCOS. It’s about creating sustainable dietary changes. The focus is to nourish your body with the right kind of nutrients.

The aim of Sonali Malik’s PCOS programme is to:

  • Help create a plate of nutrients which ensures that you’re getting the right portion sizes
  • Help you make the transition to a new way of eating right
  • A PCOS diet that will help manage your insulin and testosterone levels
  • With managed insulin and testosterone levels, you can take control of your weight gain
  • Review & Exercise Plans as per your lifestyle, PCOS condition and preferences.
  • Help you learn to deal with your feelings, practice self-compassion, and reduce binging
  • Help you meet health goals with mindful eating habits
  • Most importantly, providing a tailored programme, taking into consideration individual’s needs, health condition and health history.
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