07 Smart Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight during the Festival and Wedding Season

Avoid Gaining Weight during the Festival and Wedding Season

07 Smart Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight during the Festival and Wedding Season

We are about to get started with the festive and wedding season. You might be wondering if there are some healthy tips to avoid gaining weight during the festive and wedding season.

The festive season is the synonym for several indulgent delicacies and it’s just difficult to keep away from the temptation and we understand that.

So here are the 7 smart tips that can help with avoiding gaining extra pounds this wedding and festive season!

1. Eat Healthy Days before a Festival Or Wedding

One of the things that people often do before there is a celebration around is starving themselves. But this can lead to slowing down the metabolism and increases the probability of gaining weight. The best tip is to have a healthy snack before you go over for a wedding or a festive meal.
This is going to make sure you are feeling full and will prevent you from overeating with all of the unhealthy high-fat food at the venue. When you plan, you will be able to prevent festive weight gain easily.
If you already are aware of the parties to be attended on your calendar, decide on what you will be eating and how much beforehand and go for such foods directly.

2. Salads Are A YES.!

Keep having salads and fruits throughout the day. Make sure your meals stay light. Salads are one of the healthiest meals that you can have even at a wedding, so benefit from it!
In case you don’t identify yourself as a salad person, try to keep your plate 1/3rd with something healthy like fruits or veggies. As there is a high probability that other things on your plate will be spicy and heavy, this will make sure that the acidity levels stay balanced. It will also save you from strong heartburn.

3. Brown Is The Way To Go!

Wheat flour is made with grinding of the complete grain and that’s why it’s high in protein. When we have refined flour it doesn’t have any husk and doesn’t have much nutritional value. So try having all kinds of breads or pasta made with whole wheat if there are options available.

4. Stay Active and Enjoy yourself!

It’s best to avoid becoming a couch potato this holiday season. Staying inactive will lead to you gaining weight for sure especially because you will tend to overeat as well. So try being involved with your family and friends in fun physical activities that can be good for keeping weight in control.
This can be something as simple as going out for a walk or what better way to enjoy than putting up music and dancing, right?

5. Wise Snacking

During the festive season, unhealthy sweets and oily foods will be all around you. When access to such food is so easy, there’s a high probability that you will snack unnecessarily too. At a family party, avoiding this can get very difficult when compared with when at home.

So be mindful of your snacking habits. If you feel that just because you have this high-fat food around you are snacking on it and not because you are hungry, go ahead and completely avoid snacking.But in case you do feel hungry and want to snack on something, go for foods that are real. With this, we mean having nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables as these are filling and will not have unhealthy fats and high sugar.

Also, it is observed that people are constantly in a rush during the festive season, which leads to one multitasking while having their meals. Studies also show that when we eat while being distracted, we tend to overeat. This happens as one cannot pay attention to the body’s signal of feeling full.

To minimize any other distractions while having your food thoroughly and slowly chew your food. This helps with recognizing the body’s signal for fullness and you will consume fewer calories.It is also good that you take a few deeper breaths before one starts eating.

This will induce relaxation and help you in paying attention to the plate rather than other tasks you have in hand. Many studies show that people that engage in mindful eating will less likely lead to gaining weight.

6. Portion Size Matters

As the festive season arrives, overloading your plate becomes easier. People that eat larger portions will gain weight much easier when compared with ones that don’t. One of the best ways by which you can overcome and control large portion sizes is that you use small plates.

For determining the right portion size, it’s best to read recommended serving size and food labels on recipes. If this seems too complicated for you, just be the judge yourself and make sure to fill the plate with a reasonable quantity of food.

7. Have More Protein!

We all know that most of the food we have during the festive and wedding season is right in sugar, carbs, and low protein. However, if you want to avoid gaining weight, make sure you are including some kind of protein with each of your meals. This will promote a feeling of fullness and also help with maintaining your weight.

The fact is that having protein in your meals automatically reduces overall calorie intake as it reduces appetite. Protein is also great for controlling weight as it improves metabolism and hormones that are appetite-reducing.

So make sure you are having about 25 grams of protein with each of your meals. Some of the examples of proteins are Pulses, fish, poultry, quinoa, and beans.

Final Thoughts

While staying ahead with weight goals during the festive and wedding season can be daunting, these tips will surely help with keeping you happy, healthy as well as weight-conscious during the entire year. Apart from these tips, be sure of including plenty of exercises and limiting festive treats to the best of your abilities!

The best way to go about it is to consult an expert nutritionist who specializes in mindful eating, understands your body type and crafts nutrition around it. Sonali Malik does exactly that along with offering support on how you can keep up with your diet, manage weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

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