Diet and Hair Loss: Must have Foods for Hair Health in your Diet Plan

Diet and Hair Loss: Must have Foods for Hair Health in your Diet Plan

Before you begin losing your calm and sleep over the hair loss, you have to face it.  When it is about Hair Health, it is always a good idea to have a closer look at the diet and nutrition you are having through your food choices. There is a high chance that small modifications in your diet will make a huge impact. Although genetics and lifestyle have an upper hand, here are things that you include in your diet that can help with the receding hairline.

What Are The Nutrients That Help In Hair Growth?

Here is the list of nutrients that encourage hair growth!

  • Biotin: A derivative of Vitamin B that gives hair strength.
  • Vitamin D: It can assist with hair follicle stimulation that has gone dormant.
  • Vitamin E: This has an antioxidant activity for reducing oxidative stress of the scalp that’s also associated with alopecia.
  • Iron: The deficiency of iron has been linked with hair fall.
  • Vitamin C: It helps the absorption of iron in the body.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid: Has anti-inflammatory effect and can counter any kind of inflammation that’s responsible for hair fall. 

Must have Foods in your Diet Plan for Hair Health

Here is the list of best foods that can help in reducing hair loss and promote hair growth:

1. Eggs:

Eggs are rich in vitamins B7, B6, and protein. All of its compounds are important for the growth and health of the hair. Our hair is made from keratin which is also a type of protein. Therefore it will have a critical role in the texture and growth of the hair. Then Vitamin B6 will enhance the blood flow towards the scalp. Finally, with biotin or vitamin B7 the hair quality, shine and thickness improve. So include eggs in your diet for all of the essential micronutrients.

2. Salmon:

The fatty fish is one of the best sources of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids that are amazing for your hair growth. The body isn’t able to make such healthy fat and therefore depends on the nutritional sources for getting it. When you eat salmon it can assist you with hair growth in case you are observing hair thinning. Not just that, this fish is antioxidant-rich as well as essential vitamins and makes it a good food for your hair growth.

3. Spinach:

Another great food that’s rich in iron, folate, vitamin A, B, and C. It will take care of any nutritional deficiency that’s linked with hair loss in women and men that have reduced hair growth. Therefore try including spinach in any way that you like for promoting healthy hair growth. Vitamin A will help your glands to produce sebum that helps keep the scalp moisturized.

4. Curd:

Natural curd contains high amounts of protein and good probiotics. These are essential nutrients for making your hair thick. But curd can also boost follicle health and that results in the increased growth phase for the hair and boosting hair growth. Therefore go ahead and indulge in delicious raita each day for being a good food source for hair health.

5. Walnuts:

Walnuts are again high in biotin, Vitamin E, omega 6,3 fatty acids, and Magnesium. It can help you with boosting the hair cuticle strength and nourishing the hair scalp. When you add walnuts to your routine diet it can enhance the hair growth rate and reduce thinning of hair. Another fact that’s lesser-known is that walnuts can assist with damage repair of the hair. Therefore if your hair is damaged with sun exposure or chemical treatments, have a few walnuts each day and instantly reverse hair damage!

6. Pumpkin:

Pumpkin seeds are one of the popular superfood for hair. But remember that not just the seeds but the complete vegetable is a nutrient powerhouse. It’s rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and E. The compounds will improve oxygenated blood flow in the scalp and promote the growth of the hair.

7. Carrots:

Carrot is vitamin A rich, it assists with improving scalp health. It will also lead to thicker and stronger hair. Therefore when your hair is thin or the brittle hair that tends to break easily, try having carrot juice each day in the morning.

8. Lentils:

Folic acid is critical for anybody that has low iron levels or anemia. Lentils are a rich source of folic acid that can also improve hair follicles and scalp health. It will improve the texture, shine, and appearance of the hair. Lentils also boost growth for thicker hair. Therefore go ahead and add dal or lentil soup for good hair growth. You can also try and mix a variety of lentils for the complete amino acid profile.

9. Peanuts:

This is one of the most delicious snack that everyone is happy to have. But did you know that it can transform your hair? Peanuts are a good source of Vitamin E, Vitamin B7, antioxidants, fiber, and proteins. Therefore if you are suffering from hair loss, it can prevent that. So keep munching on a handful of peanuts or peanut butter. Just make sure that it doesn’t have any added sugar.

10. Chickpeas:

Another amazing source of manganese and protein. Chickpeas are perfect for your hair growth. Having a bowl of cooked chickpeas a day can promote the growth of thick hair and give them strength. It also makes your hair thick. So if you have been missing out on manganese and zinc from the diet, go ahead and make a salad or patty of boiled chickpeas and enjoy!

Bottom Line:

Having issues like thinning hair, hair fall or baldness can be stressful to all of us. The earlier you take notice of it and work for it, the easier the treatment gets. Try having a balanced diet for treating hair conditions. We have shared the list of wholesome foods that can help you with hair loss. Also, the most important tip is to get in touch with a professional nutritionist for Hair Care and Hair Nutrition. An expert can help you gain strong, healthy and beautiful hair through diet and some lifestyle changes. You can get in touch with Sonali Malik for a full-fledged diet to combat your bad hair days and bad hair health too. 

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